Eggplant crashes after changing SUT's

I usually change between Intel and PPC when running scripts. Eggplant often crashes when the script starts after changing SUT’s.

I normally use the Connect command on my scripts and that’s when Eggplant crashes.

I used to use ARD’s VNC in the previous version of Eggplant and never had a problem but I’ve since started using OSXvnc with version 3.01 and that’s when the crash started to occur.

Anyone else having this problem?
I can paste the crash log if you want to see it.

We have just identified a bug in 3.0 and 3.01 that can cause this. We do not believe that it’s related in any way to the SUT (it can happen with RealVNC on Windows or ARD also).

We are compiling a release of bug fixes that should be available shortly but in the interim here is a work-around script that introduces a replacement connect command that you can use.

Just drag this script into your suite and use connectFixed instead of connect

Thanks Jonathan, this has fixed the crash for me.