Eggplant crash

Eggplant is crashing on me on two TDs testing different SUTs (XP and 10.5). It happens hours into a run and on every run.

I attached some of the crash logs. Any ideas?

BTW: It would be helpful to add crash files to the list of allowed extensions for forum attachments.

It looks like you may be using the movie recording feature? Is there a particular point in the script where the crash occurs (you can see from the results what the last command executed was – it may be the command after that caused the issue.) Please send additional details (preferably via e-mail). There was one crash that looks like it’s due to a bug in the search rectangle highlighting – you can prevent that one by turning off Image Highlighting under the Run menu. That issue is fixed for the next release.

I turned off Image Highlighting and I’m starting another run.

There’s nothing under the Results tab of the suite the script was run from on either test driver. We do use our own results system, but I’d still expect something under the Results tab of the suite. I checked and the user running Eggplant has write permission for the Results folder of the suite (that can get messed up with Eggplant not playing well with source control systems). Is this what you’re asking for, or should I be looking somewhere else?

That’s just odd. Did you perhaps set the GlobalResultsFolder dwrite to send the results somewhere else? That’s the only thing I can think of that would leave the standard results folder empty. You can check that by entering the following command in the terminal:

defaults read Eggplant GlobalResultsFolder

You might also be setting it within the script with the command:

setDefaults GlobalResultsFolder, foldername

It would make sense that you might have done this if you have your own results system.

defaults read Eggplant GlobalResultsFolder

returns a negative result (the domain/default pair … does not exist)

setDefaults GlobalResultsFolder

Isn’t found in the few script files I checked with Eggplant’s Find, but there are multiple suites and a total of 562 scripts within this project.

grep -R -i "GlobalResultsFolder" ~/Projects/Automation

Returns nothing, as well.

How do I search for a string in Eggplant across multiple files and suites?