Eggplant commiting with SVN has a problem

Sorry for comming with a commiting problem but maybe someone can tell us how to solve it.
We use Eggplant and TortoiseSVN to commit our work.
Both of us have been developed and I commited from one machine my work. After that another person made an update with SVN and she had my commited work on her computer.
But when she tried to commit her work first it had a conflict but we Reverted the conflicts and tried to commit but we get the following lines by commit:

Command Commit
Deleting D:\Testplant\COM.suite.timestamp
Error Commit failed (details follow):
Error Changing file ‘D:\Testplant\COM.suite.timestamp’ is forbitten by te server
Error Access to '/bags/!svn/ver/35364/Testautomatisierung/Testplant/COM.suite’
Error forbidden

Has anyone seen this problem before?
We use Release 17.2.2 Version of Eggplant.
TortoiseSVN is 1.9.5

We are thankful for any suggestion!