eggplant command to hold mouse middle key

what is the command in eggplant/sensetalk to hold middle mouse key for certain period, say 2 secs and release middle mouse button?

i tried “MouseButtonDown 2”, “MouseButtonUp 2” --> to press middle mouse and release middle button. but it does not seem to work.

I am also thinking about Drag and Drop options. But they seem to operating only with Left mouse clicks.

Pls let me know how do i achieve mouse middle button hold and release actions


You’ve got it about right. This should work:

mouseButtonDown 2
Wait 2
mouseButtonUp 2

If you’re running against Lion, you might need to try mouse button 3 instead of 2.

Thanks Matt,

Does Eggplant behave same as “Real Vnc”?

In my case, i have sequence of mouse events that i need to perform inorder to reproduce a software problem. The mouse events are left click, move, hold middle mouse button, hold left mouse button, release middle button and release left button & type.

When i perform those events manuallt in SUT through realVNC, the problem is 100% reproducible. But when i manually perform these events in SUT through eggplant, problem is NOT reproducible at all.

Is there a config setting that we need to do for eggplant to behave same like realVNC??


Yes, eggPlant behaves the same. Events are events. There should be no difference between the events sent by eggPlant and those sent by RealVNC. If we weren’t sending the right events, nothing would ever work. I can’t come up with any reason at all that you would see the difference you describe.

Ok Matt,

Can you think of any config change at eggplant for middle mouse events?

All i am concerned about is hold & release of a middle mouse button. Do we need to do something @ eggplant to enable 3 btn mouse [/quote]

No, there’s no configuration changes available for the mouse. The middle mouse button should just work. Assuming you’re using a 3-button mouse on the eggPlant side, the middle mouse button event should go through to the SUT. Try some other known action that uses the middle mouse button and see if that works, just to prove that it’s working in the general case.

I am using a mouse with left btn, right btn and a middle wheel. Would that make a difference?

while scripting , i used , MouseButtonDown/Up 2 with the middle wheel.
Do you think any problem with middle wheel instead of a button

No, it shouldn’t make any difference if the wheel also functions as the middle button. EggPlant doesn’t know what hardware you have, only what events it gets from that hardware.