Eggplant 4.1 cut off all my text from answer function

answer “[Current Setting]” & return & “OS” & tab tab tab tab & os & return & “Software” & tab tab tab & software & return & “Version” & tab tab tab & version & return & “Print” & tab tab tab & print & return & “Direct Upload” & tab tab & directUpload & return & “Crash Recovery” & tab & crashRecovery & return & “Backup” & tab tab tab & backup & return & “# of Modules” & tab tab & numOfModule & return & return & “Change Setting?” with “No” or “Yes” title “Automated Testing”

In 4.01, that displayed in the answer dialog no problem. It does the same thing for ask dialog and buttons also. (

It would be great if this can be fixed.

Ahh sorry about that – it looks like we have another case for our own regression tests.

We’re fixing that now and are likely to have a small maintenance update in the near future. We’re looking into a possible work around and will let you know if we come up with anything.

Just to be clear what do you mean by “it happens for buttons too”?

answer “[Select Mode]” & return & “Run Selected Script(s)” & tab & “Select each script one by one” & return & “Run Scripts in Range” & tab & “Select a range of scripts” & return & “Run All Scripts” & tab tab tab & “Select all the scripts” with “Run All Scripts” or “Run Scripts in Range” or “Run Selected Script(s)” title “Automated Testing”

If you have something like that, the buttons with long text gets cut off also.

These issues have all been addressed for the next maintenance release of Eggplant, as well as resizing the panel to fit a longer title. I’ve tested it with your examples and they work fine. The panel resizing was inadvertently broken while adding new functionality in 4.1 including the ability to dismiss a panel automatically after a specified timeout interval. We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.