Eggplant 4.0

We’re very pleased to announce that Eggplant version 4.0 is now available!

Version 4.0 includes several new features designed to address changes to the testing interface during script execution, facilitate the rapid development of new test cases and reduce ongoing script maintenance.


? Image Doctor functionality aids in diagnosing image-finding problems.
? Auto Doctor recovers from image-finding problems during script execution.
? Image Collections allow multiple image representations to be stored and accessed as a group (by folder).
? Image Import enables bringing images into a suite from external sources. Multiple image formats are now supported.
? Log Search enables searching and filtering of log entries on the Results tab.
? Image Search field allows you to locate images on the Images tab by name and/or description.
? Image Highlighting in the Remote Screen window shows you where Eggplant actions are occurring.
? Open Process command enables bidirectional communication with another process for better interaction and control.
? Better control over dynamic use of suites with two new properties: the initialSuites and the finalSuites.
? New Drag and MoveTo behaviors and a new Drop command simplify generating drag operations in a script. Automatic upgrading of older scripts enables all scripts to make use of the new commands.
? Additional image search capabilities: individual color tolerances, and pixel discrepancy.
? Enhanced list operations in scripts with new each expressions and where clauses.
? Vine Server 2.2 is included with this release. It is recommended for use on all Mac SUTs.

Eggplant 4.1 is now available – read this post for more information