Eggdrive android testing based on Python

I am trying to convert the example of python for an android test. But I can not establish a connection to the android gateway or android device.^

    # Connect to a SUT
    server.execute ('connect "localhost"')

Here tries the script to connect to port 0. How can i set another port?


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Hey there! I hope you figured out your issue by now. I had issues when first playing with Eggdrive, so when I run Eggdrive I like to have two terminals side-by-side so I can see any error messages that pop-up where I ran my:

bash-5.1$  /Applications/ -driveport 5400

When you tried to run your Python script did any errors appear? What did the logging tell you? Did you see an error similar to this?

An exception occurred: <Fault 4: 'Connection Failed: Unable to connect to Server:localhost on port:0\nARD/Screen Sharing is not configured.\nPlease use System Preferences->Sharing to configure it so that VNC viewers may control the screen'>

Would love to hear that you resolved the issue and hear how so others can learn from your trial :wink: