Dynamic Images

Can someone brief me the process to capture images which dynamically change.

I’m currently working on Windows Mobile version 6.1 and 6.5 and the requirement is 'A bell sign will display on the screen when ever a text messages sent from backend server. whenever text receives, a bell use to display and an audible sound will beep on the device (just like a bell sound). Tricky part, whenever bell displayed on the screen, the image was dynamically change from left and right vice versa (something like bell oscillations). So I capture image option, it will only capture for particular position and when I usually run the script it always fail to recognise the sign.

How can I achieve this?

Try capturing images of the bell in both positions and put them in an image collection called “bell”. When you search for the “bell” collection, eggPlant will look for both versions of the image, giving you a better chance of successful search. If you don’t have immediate success with this approach, you might also want to use a WaitFor with a longish timeout to give eggPlant more time to make a match.

Ok, I’ve collected two images so now I need to check is a Bell sign displayed on the device and if it is execute remaining script else log 'No Bell displayed" -

Question - when I user If ImageFound script do I need to select both images? If so how the tool differentiate the images? I’ve tried this but no success, seems like I’m missing something here!!!

Please advise

Please see the eggPlant documentation on creating and using image collections:


The link you provided is not the one that after, I would guess below is the one (if I’m correct)

anyway, my case is different, remember I’m not working on desktop, in fact, I’m remoting Windows Mobile devices (such as MOTOROLA FR68 WM6.1, Intermec CN50 WM6.5 etc) so not sure how can I capture dynamic image collection, would love to hear back if you have any update!!!

Actually the link to using Image Collections is exactly what I intended for you to read. As I said earlier in this thread, you should create an image collection with an image of the bell in two different positions. Call the collection “bell” and if you say:

click "bell"

then eggPlant will look for each of the bell images.

This has nothing to do with desktop vs mobile device – they’re all the same to eggPlant.

If the problem is that the image is moving so that it is hard to capture, you may just need to keep trying – put the capture area in the location where the image will be and then click at the appropriate time to actually capture the image.

Umm tried all scenarios but no luck.

tried with
put EveryImageLocation(“Bell1”,“Bell2”,“Bell3”)
Put the result

But the results found as 0

Any ideas!!!

We’ll need screenshots showing what you’re trying to test against. But please don’t post them here; send them to the support address. Please also include the captured images.

Also All I need to check whether the bell sign displayed on the screen or not (as I said previously) hence I’m trying with ImageFound() function as and EveryImageLocation () function.

Never Mind, Understood.

I’ll flick a query to support. Thanks Matt