Dynamic data

In the application, there is a report page which will list out the marks in percentage and time to complete the activity in minutes. These two data varies depending on the application speed. the units of the score is percentage and the time is in minutes. The first part of the image always changes but the second part is constant. Suggest the way to handle such situation.
How to handle dynamic data.

What have you tried?

How about something like:

I need to get some more clarification on this.

  • In my application Time Spent is shown as 0.1 hours. I need to capture this text image which may vary as 1.2 hours later. But my script should not fail in this case.
    I have named the captured image as “Timespent”.
    How will i use this image with the following script which u have sent.

put formattedTime("%1m/%e/%Y") into theDate
if not imageFound(Text:theDate, TextSize:“12”, TextFont:“Arial”) then
logError “Date incorrect”
end if

Guide me in doing this.