Drop Down

I captured a lots of images and now I get confused while reusing the same image to develop new script. Since I use windows version I can select Add Image options. Put my window on thumb nail and select the image. Some how I feel it can be done faster.

If it is possible to get a feature where when I type image related commands like -
Click S

and a letter say “S” a drop down appears with list of all the image names having character S anywhere in their names in that suite and a small thumbnail image adjacent to each searched name respectively


Something like this already exists. However, we’d really like to be able to log this as a support case in your account record. So if you can send us an e-mail about this issue from your work address, we’ll be happy to provide more information. If you are a customer with a current support contract, you are entitled to priority support via e-mail, and if we know which customer we are dealing with, we know which version of the application we are providing support for, which makes a difference for some features.