DragandDrop on flash website problem

I believe that something weird is happening here and hoping someone will have a solution.

So I am testing a website that uses adobe flash player 10 and I am trying to draganddrop to draw into the website.

The problem is that when I use lets say DragandDrop (250,300),(250,400) to draw a simple line all that shows up is a dot where the drag starts but then nothing else almost like the mousedown for the drag went back up.

I have also tried doing like this with the same problem.
Wait 1 Second

Any ideas if this is some limitation because the website is in flash and Eggplant doesnt work well with it or any other ideas.

When i try this manually there is no issues at all. I have also tried changing the Mousedragspeed so that the website can have more time to process the draganddrop but that still doesnt work.

Well, both of your examples work when I run them against Microsoft Paint, so the basic behavior seems to be right. You could try doing this instead:

moveto (250, 300)
mouseButtonDown 1
moveto (250, 450)
mouseButtonUp 1

This is effectively the same thing, but with the direct control you might at least be more confident that eggPlant is doing what you’ve asked. The other test I’d suggest is using the drag/drop (DragAndDrop is still supported, but deprecated) to try to do a text selection, something like this:

drag "letterAtStartOfWord"
drop "letterAtEndOfWord"

If that selects the text, then you know that the mouse behavior is correct. Let us know if you’re still having trouble with it and we’ll try to come up with some additional troubleshooting.

I tried the two above sections and they didnt change the outcome but i have figured out what the problem is.

Basically if I do this DragandDrop(235,400),(305,400) the line will not be drawn properly but if I do DragandDrop(235,400),(305,401) it is fine. Now since I can’t manually reproduce this there is no way for me to determine that it is the web app I am testing or flash itself. I am guessing it is the app i am testing but not really sure anyone have any insight because this seems like a wierd bug.

I’d try drawing some more lines that go straight down or straight across and see what happens. You might do a repeat loop and see what the outcome is:

repeat with x = 100 to 200
	drag (x, 100)
	drop (x, 250)
end repeat
repeat with y = 100 to 200
	drag (300, y)
	drop (300, 7)
end repeat

It’s possible that this might be helped by changing the way Eggplant moves the mouse. Try putting the line

set the mousemovespeed to 10

at the beginning of your script. You should also check the preferences and make sure that the Mouse Drag Speed is already set to 10 (the default). You could try reducing the drag speed as well, to see if that helps the situation:

set the mousedragspeed to 1

This will make the drawing really slow, but it’s an experiment to see if eggPlant is just drawing too quickly for your app.