double remote control on the SUT


When the SUT is remotely controlled by EggPlant and by an other PC, how can I choose which one has control over?

Indeed, during the running of EggPlant, the program asks the user to do an action directly on the SUT. Or the user is using a remote control of this SUT from an other computer, and can’t access the SUT while EggPlant is connected to it.

But if I use the “Disconnect” function, the program running on EggPlant can’t see anymore if the action asked to the user is done or not.

Could you help me please?


VNC can be configured to allow simultaneous connections. If you need remote control other then eggPlant then you are going to want to allow that in your VNC preferences.

Obviously you will want to be careful that eggPlant and a person aren’t actually trying to control the interactions at the exact same time, that will be extremely awkward and cause unforeseen interactions.