Double click issues in Flash

Hi all,

I seem to be encountering a recurring problem when trying to double click in the Flash application that I am testing. At least 50% of the time, and possibly more, one of the clicks doesn’t seem to be recognised, and this has proven quite troublesome as certain parts of the software will not work without a double click.

I have tried the following so far, with varying levels of success:

  • Increasing the double click speed in global preferences - this improved the situation a bit, but I still see regular failures.
  • Using duplicate instances of doubleClick - this also works more reliably, but seems like a less-than-optimal solution, and I still do see failures.

Any advice gratefully received - I suspect it might be more to do with the speed of the VNC connection, but I’m at a loss![/list][/list]

Flash has it’s differences, but we can always reliably send a double click.

What OS is the target SUT in this environment? Is it a virtual machine or a dedicated one? Finally are you working against the console (single user) or are you working against an off screen session?


Not sure if this will help your situation, but I had a similar problem awhile ago and it ended up being because the flash swf did not have focus in the browser when I attempted to send the double click command. So, I made sure to send a click command somewhere on the swf and then executed the rest of my test.



Apologies for the lack of information, but nelsond6 has suggested a neat fix - if I tell it to single-click on a different part of the page, a double click on the required widget works reliably - thanks!