Does Windows TIG v1.02 works with .net Framework 3.5?

Eggplant TIG v1.02 was working fine with .Net Framework 2.0. As soon as I switched to .Net Framework 3.5, Text doesn’t seem to be recognised. Is such TIG supposed to be working with .Net Framework 3.5?
My application need to have .Net Framework 3.5 in order for it to work.

Please help if there is any workarounds


Yes, the TIG works just fine with .NET 3.5; I’ve been using it for a couple of months. If you’re getting text images and not errors then the TIG is working. The only issue that we’ve seen with the Windows TIG is that it renders text a little bit too big for fonts that are less than 10 pts; I didn’t think that was related to a particular version of the .NET framework, but maybe it is. Anyway, if you are trying to match a font that is 8 pts, you’ll need to specify a size of 7.75.

The TIG works when I set Text Preferences through EggPlant > Preferences.
However, If I I tried to set following Properties to be called when using TIG, I got a Script Failed message “Unable To Generate Text Image: Unable To Find Font Tahoma of size 8”. (See attachment) Thought that the following setting would override the default setting. Please advise if I missed anything
On SetPC_TextProperties
Set CurrentTextPlatform to “Windows”
Set the defaultTextStyle.TextFont to “Tahoma”
Set the defaultTextStyle.TextSize to 8
end SetPC_TextProperties

thank you for the quick response.


I think you’re missing the word “the” ! Your first line should read:

set the CurrentTextPlatform to "Windows"

Otherwise, you’re just setting a local variable within your handler.