Does that GoToMyPC

web thing use this same VNC stuff ?

It’s unclear whether GoToMyPC uses VNC or a different underlying technology to provide remote access to a computer. Their solution appears to involve a service that you must pay a monthly fee to subscribe to, however, which is quite a different licensing model than Vine’s.

The application model is similar in that you have to install client software on the host you wish to use for viewing. Of course you also have to pay a monthly fee (personal, professional, enterprise) ranging from 20 USD to more than thousands a month.

The underlying technology of the G2MPC is not open standard, and currently it seems the parent companies are in a lawsuit over infringement rights against the concept of a network desktop encryption issue with some company in Canada. G2MPC also uses proxy servers which allows security (firewall) measure circumvention. This throws up a very large red flag of concern to me, and should to anyone else that is handling any sensitive data (personal Credit Card and Social Security numbers, to large client databases). And because they have proxy servers, you have no control over whom is watching or what they are doing with the desktop data you are shown.

The question really should become something other than, if VNC is the core of G2MPC, for it is not. VNC was originally developed at AT&T labes. The questions I am asking now are why would people want to pay monthly fees, use a questionably patented product and use proxy servers to circumvent security, while having connection, security and rendering speeds decreased as a result of all this middleware?

I didn’t know why I’d give them $180 a year if the service did the same thing as the Vine software.

Yes, I believe the basic functionality is the same: they both allow you to see and control a remote computer.