Does not recognize key input when using eggplant script.


I am running the eggplant.script, and after a while the input from the keyboard get gibberish.

See attachment.

Thank you.

It looks like you’re typing control characters. What does your script look like? Do you have any keyDown commands in it? Are both the eggPlant machine and the SUT Linux machines? What are you using for a VNC server?

I use the below script to login a Unix machine.


RightClick “putty.exe Icon”
Click (PuttyOpenSelect)
Click (DCPSessionSelect)
Click (DCPSessionOpen)
Click (PuttyLogin)
Typetext “username” Typetext enter
Click (PuttyPassword)
Typetext “abcde” Typetext enter
Click (PuttyDCP_binUT)
Typetext “cd DCP/binUT” //type “cd DCP/binUT/” in command prompt
Typetext enter
Click (PuttyDCPStart)
Typetext “start” //type “start” to start up the DCP
Typetext enter

The putty.exe open okay, but at the login prompt I got gibberish.


Try adding this command before you start typing:

keyup allkeys

Let me know whether that changes the behavior.

Hi Matt,

I put the code “keyup allkeys” as you suggested, but the behavior is not changing. My eggplant machine and SUT are window base, and I am using putty.exe to telnet to UNIX. Is there anything I need to set for these systems.

thank you

Does this only happen with Putty? You say “after a while”; is it not consistent? Does it happen randomly?

It is happens after I am running Eggplant application for a while, and the gibberish chars happen very consistent.


Linh N.

Hi Matt,

I wonder is VNC connection application is another factor that cause my putty.exe mess up.

Linh N.

I faced a similar problem and found that restarting the VNC server helps. I know this is not a permanent solution :expressionless:

It does seem like a VNC server issue – what server are you using?