"does not contain a dictionary" when running Eggplant script in Jenkins

When I run Eggplant in Jenkins, I got a lot of messages “C:\Test.suite/Images/Support/…imageinfo does not contain a dictionary”. What does this mean? Something wrong??

//This is the command I run in Jenkins:

runscript.bat C:\Test.suite\Scripts\Module_1.script -ReportFailures YES -CommandLineOutput YES -p “int_lcm_s8r1_auto”


10:50:13 2020-09-21 10:50:12.012 Eggplant[8632:1556] File NSData.m: 259. In BOOL readContentsOfFile(NSString *, void **, off_t *, NSZone *) Open ((null)) attempt failed - bad path

File NSDictionary.m: 672. In -[NSDictionary initWithContentsOfFile:] Contents of file C:\Test.suite/Images/Support/Background_blue.imageinfo does not contain a dictionary