Display refresh problem and connection issues

We have Eggplant installed on a Windows 7 64bit connecting to an OSX Lion running the vine server.
We are currently encountering two issues:

1 - When connecting to the mac the connection is successful but we appear to have no control of the system for an unknown period of time before it ‘corrects’ and appears to work fine. (The mac is running more than one user)

2 - This might be related to the first issue, but sometimes the display fails to refresh or accept keyboard commands, but commands from the Eggplant TypeText command are accepted. - There was another post ‘display refresh problems’ related to this but the fix looked specific to running Eggplant on a mac.

Any help would be much appreciated.

We worked out what the first issue was - because we didn’t have the mac in the same room we were unaware when it was sleeping! Easy fix.

We’re still having problems with Eggplant and the vine server though. The display frequently fails to update. If we abort the test and interact with the ‘frozen’ window/object it jumps back to life.

Any ideas?