display drivers changes


The display properties (appearance and settings) on the two of SUTs (Windows XP) are same. But the images captured on one machine are not getting recognized by another machine. When observed the two SUTs, the Font size on one machine is bigger than the other machine.

Is the following points menioned below will play any role in Image recognition even if the display properties (appearance and settings):

Different Display drivers,
Different monitors (different in size, company),

Please refer to me what are all the dependencies in image recognition


Eggplant is generally very tolerant of minor differences between Display Drivers, all of the matching types (including Precise) take this into account.

It is also usually independent of the Screen resolution since most images are drawn as a specific pixel size regardless of the physical size of the monitor or the chosen resolution. The most notable exception is images which SCALE. The best example is the DOCK on Mac OS X.

The most likely explanation for having mismatches between systems is differences at the Display Properties level within Windows. One setting that is often overlooked when comparing is the “Display Font Size” which is on the Advanced panel under Settings…


Let us know if that was the culprit in this case.