disconnect from my SUT(VMWare Windows 8) when running

My SUT is VMWare Windows 8. When running automation, it will disconnect from SUT, The exception: Retrieving Buffer No Connection to Serve
Window 8

It will disconnect when run partial of my script.

Do I need to change EggPlant preference to avoid disconnecting?

I run the same suite on WindowXP, Windows 7 without this problem.


There isn’t anything inherent in eggPlant that would cause this. eggPlant tries very hard to maintain a connection. Either Windows 8, VMWare, or the VNC server is doing something to terminate the connection, like putting the VM or the VM’s network to sleep.

Unfortunately without knowing much more about your environment those are just guesses. Please share with us if you find out what’s causing it.

I can reproduce the disconnecting from SUT every time when I do following 2 steps:
• The first step: start firefox browse and open new tab and input the site address:

Click " firefox"
wait 3
typeText controlKey, “t” (* Open new tab )
Wait 2
typeText controlKey, “l” (
Open location *)
typeText “address……” & return
Wait 5

• The Second step:

if Imagefound (“image”)
LogError (“Failed. The site is blocked”)
Log (" Pass. The site is not blocked")
End if

If I put these two steps together to run using eggplant, it will disconnect the SUT when it tries to run second step.

If I select first step to run using eggplant, then I select second step to run using eggplant, it will disconnect the SUT when it run second step.

If I manually did the first step (Not using eggplant), then I select second step to run using eggplant, it will not disconnect the SUT



That’s a good question. What VNC server are you connecting to?

In some situations eggPlant will RE-connect when it isn’t getting a timely response to it’s requests for screen updates. This shouldn’t cause a script to fail as long as the VNC server is still there.

Are you scripts failing or do you just observe the connection being re-established?

You can turn off that behavior with this command:

C:\Program Files(x86)\eggPlant\defaults.bat write Eggplant RequireSync NO


defaults write Eggplant RequireSync NO