Device Selection

Hi Testers,

Mobile device coverage has been on my mind, and I’m hoping to hear how others are doing it. Particularly…

  1. How do you choose your test devices?

  2. Do you run all of your tests across all devices, or decide on a case-by-case basis which tests need to run on multiple platforms?

  3. Is anyone using any emulators/simulators?

Happy Testing,

To decide on what OS or browsers to use

This is what I found helpful

I didn’t buy the expensive license. They have free useful statistical data on what people is using. I also, found this interesting…

So check the facts first, then think about the very nature of the thing you want to test to prioritize what systems you want to test first.

Eggplant only works with 2-systems. Where you script and send commands … and where you actually execute those commands.

If you only have your laptop, on the other hand, you will need to install some Virtual Machine software. You can pretty much look for BUY or use the trial of any desktop and/or mobile OS that you want to set up your Virtual Machine with.

Good luck!