Determining the Number of Days in a Month

Hello everyone!

On occasion, we will get a question from a customer whose answer might be really valuable to everyone. I have tagged this as a TIL, or Today I Learned.

If you need to determine how many days are in a month, try this simple custom function. Thanks to @SenseTalkDoug for the solution.

put daysInMonth(2023,1) --> 31 days
put daysInMonth(2023,2) --> 28 days
put daysInMonth(2023,9) --> 30 days
put daysInMonth(2024,2) --> 29 days

to handle daysInMonth year, month
	set firstDate to !"[[year]]-[[month]]-01" as date
	put firstDate + 1 month into nextMonth
	return (nextMonth - firstDate) as days
end daysInMonth