Deleting a file from a Windows SUT

Could have sworn I saw a post about this…but couldn’t find it via search. I need to delete a couple of files from windows SUT if they exist. My vain attempts thus far have failed. Do I have to resort to running a cmd window and typing in the commands?

I suppose I could create a batch file and put a shortcut on the desktop, but that’s one more thing I have to remember to install on SUTs.

Any elegant aubergine goodness?

If the Windows file system is mounted on your Mac (through smb) then the “delete file” command should work:

delete file "/locally/mounted/path/to/windows/file"

Otherwise, I think you’ll have to resort to one of the other approaches you suggested.



I had a suspicion that I would have to resort to a batch file. NBD, just have to worry about my memory :wink:

Hello there Allen :slight_smile:

ssh may work, in many cases the remote windows system will have ssh or some other tool like it for remote secure login available. Of course there would have to be known login and password information. Another though is that the VNC connection on the remote system in question could be used to write an Eggplant script that would remove the file by traversing the file system with the Explorer (or some other file system tool).