Delete variable based on repeatIndex

I assume this is simple but I missing something
So let’s say I have universal patient4 I can run the code

delete universal patient4

and all is good and universal variable is deleted

My scenario is I want to delete a given number of universal variables in a repeat loop. Such as

	repeat 3 times
		delete "universal patient"&repeatindex()
	end repeat 

This doesn’t work as I get invalid use of the delete command.

Similarly, I was playing around and running this

	repeat 2 times
		set var1 to "universal patient"&repeatindex()
		log var1
		log the value of var1
		set the value of var1 to empty
		log the value of var1
	end repeat

universal patient1 exists and this code does not error out but it does not set the value to empty
Instead, I see

Thanks for any help

Edit or update. Also tried this. Logs out what I expect but nodda on the delete

	Repeat numOfPatients times
		insert "universal Patient"&RepeatIndex() into deleteList
		insert "universal Patient"&RepeatIndex()&"DataFile" into deleteList
	End repeat
	Repeat each item of deleteList
		log it
		delete it
	End repeat

You can use a combination of the do command Running Other Scripts and Handlers | EPF Docs and the merge function Text and Data Manipulation | EPF Docs to make this work. My sample below substitutes global for universal as the variable scope, but it will work for universals as well.

set global patient1 to "Friendly, Fred"
set global patient2 to "Gardens, Marvin"
set global patient3 to "Draper, Don"

repeat 3 times
	do !"delete global patient[[the repeatindex]]"
end repeat

Thanks @DaveHester
I completely forgot about the do command so it was a simple fix