Decimal value rounded after insert into DB


I have following script that measures the time between actions

put now into startTime
do something
put now minus startTime into entry 

The output of entry looks like this: 0.584 seconds

I use

put first word of entry into durationTime

to get rid of the seconds so that I can insert the value into the DB using the add records command.

After successful insert 0.584 is rounded to 1 though…

Is there a way to prevent that from happening?
Also why do I get the ‘seconds’ string in the first place? Is there a way to only get the time it took?

Thanks in advance

When you subtract one time from another, the result is a time duration with units of seconds. You can remove the units by adding this line:

set entry's units to empty

That will make entry into a plain number with no units.

I’m not sure why the number is being rounded to 1 when you insert it into the database, but I would guess you may be entering it into a column that’s defined as an integer?

Thanks for your help.

And the column is formatted as Decimal. I have tried it several times with long running operations as well and all time values get rounded and inserted into the DB