Date Pickker

Hello Team,

I have a “Date Picker” for a field in my App. I need to automate in this field using Eggplant functional , I can’t manually enter date in that field.
When I run Script always automatically enter the Yesterday Date .
How Can I Perform this Date field.

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So you always want to enter yesterday’s date? In what format? Is it okay to just type the date or do you have to click the calendar? If you can just type it then you can use code like this:

convert today minus 1 day to long basic date
typetext it

Hi Nagi,

there are 2 different conditions for Sunday you would need to click on the last entry on the line before while on the other days you need to click on the day before.

To start with the last one you could capture the left orange side to the square around today’s date and more the hotspot to the left so that it would click in the day before.

on Sunday you would need to capture the right side of that square and move the hotspot into the last day of the line above.
You could validate if it is Sunday looking at the text that is below your calendar as the day of the week is displayed.