Date formatting eggPlant


I am looking to provide data from the .csv file and read it in eggPlant. The dates that i need are supposed to be in the format “26 March 2014”. But, whenever i enter the value in the .csv file, the date automatically changes itself to “26-Mar-14” (or 3/26/14 when in cell editable mode).

The problem is that the same “26-Mar-14” also reaches eggPlant when read. I tried providing an apostrophe(’) before the date in the .csv but it did not work. I tried turning off the AutoCorrection in excel but it is also not helping.

Can you please let me know if we can make use of SenseTalk to convert “3/26/14” or “26-Mar-24” into “26 March 2014” within eggPlant?

Thanks in advance.


put "26-Mar-14" into myDate
replace "-" with space in myDate
convert myDate to long common date
put myDate // outputs 26 March 2014

Sorry for the delay!!..

This worked great!!..Thanks Matt! :slight_smile: