DAI doesn't inherit Daylight Savings Time

It seems DAI does not inherit Daylight Savings local time changes, which causes scheduled tests to run an hour off.

Here is my (slow, tedious) process for dealing with this issue. I’m curious if other customers have a faster / more efficient process (hoping I can update a value in a config file, for instance).

  • DAI > Runner > click a given task’s value in the Schedule Type column
  • On the calendar, update the schedule’s Start date to any day after DST switch
  • Repeat for all 100+ tests

Barring any revelations from other customers, I’m going to automate this process to make the Scheduler easier to manage.

Also! Feel free to share any other tips / advice re: DST preparation. For example, if you have a checklist of steps to perform prior to the shift (or steps / validation you perform after the shift), I’d love to hear about it.

This issue has been fixed in the latest release of DAI, version 7.2 (February 2024)