DAI Agent create test config issue

Hello forums,
I’m trying to create a test configuration inside DAI. However when I run, below error appears

When creating test config, there was no setting about execution environment. And I’m sure I have connected a execution environment, else I wouldn’t be able to access DAI agent.

Any help is appreciated.


Below is the whole result log in text

Execution Result: Error

Execution start: Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 3:59 PM

Starting test configuration run

Loaded test configuration 123456

Created run number 2

Using version “version-1” of suite “Info_Ten_July.suite”

Locked SUT: infoten03

Failed to lock execution environment: No Agents found that match the specified criteria

Test configuration run completed with status ERROR

The execution environment is set to the SUT record. (It is not very intuitive.)
Have you checked the agent specified in the SUT infoten03? (Controller > SUTs > ellipsis > Edit)
Are any of the agent(s) specified in the Execution Environment(s) field up and running?

Hi kyamamoto_trimble,
Thanks for responding.
I found out the issue is that when I start my Eggplant DAI Agent,
I did not put it in Run mode, it was default to Design for me.
After changing to Run mode, it works as expected.