Cryptic error message: Object <552e5f0>

I frequently get error messages that seem to be indicating that a script cannot be found. I can’t tell from the message what isn’t being found though.

Here is an example message:

Couldn’t open script /my/long/path/to/Tests.suite/Scripts/Object <552e5f0> (/my/long/path/to/Tests.suite/Scripts/Object <552e5f0>)

Any clues how to interpret that?
It seems suspicious that the stuff in parentheses is a duplicated path.

Has anyone seen Eggplant get confused like this before by looking for scripts in “/my/long/path/to/my/scripts/my/long/path/to/my/scripts”?


In this case, the problem was that I was calling a member function in my NiosIIIDE.script as waitForNiosIIIDEStartup().

The function is actually named waitForNiosStartup().

Still, it seems like a better error message could have been generated. Note that waitForNiosStartup is a function within a script, not a script itself. The error message implies that it is a script that can’t be found.

And I’m still baffled why the path in parens is duplicated.

This message is displayed when Eggplant is unable to highlight the line of a script where an error occured. This is usually because it can’t find the script file for some reason. In particular, when you see a name that ends with something like “Object <552e5f0>” that indicates that the error occurred in a temporary object created at runtime, rather than in a script file.

I completely agree that this message is not very helpful, and have also found that there is a small bug that makes it come up in some situations where it should really be able to highlight the script line. This will all be improved for the next release of Eggplant, with better behavior where possible and more meaningful error messages otherwise. Thanks for pointing out the problem.