Cross App Testing (iPhone 5 / iPad 2)

Before I go and recapture all my images to work on the second device I thought I would seek advice from the forum…

The sketch is:
I have an inherited script and images from various different contributors that I have updated to work on an iPhone 5. I’m now trying to get this script to work on and iPad 2…

Surprisingly enough it does not work… None of the images can be found I’ve attempted to use image doctor and it did not identify the images on the 2nd device. I experimented with a clean new script, the image doctor and scaling and it did not work…

As I understand it the app is different between the devices, but looks and responds the same.

Has anyone got any advice or alternatives to try?

Since the two devices have very different screen sizes, they likely use different source images and the UI elements are rendered using a different number of pixels. If you found the right scale factor, it might work for some images, but you might need several different scaling factors to cover everything in the UI. For example, it doesn’t make sense to scale up text beyond the size where it’s easily readable, even if the display area would allow it to be bigger. But other elements might benefit from being scaled up as much as there is room to do so.

Often we see that a button is scaled up, so that both the size of the button and the text it contains are larger, but the space between the edge of the text and the button is kept the same or increased only by a pixel. In cases like that, just scaling the image doesn’t work because the individual components were scaled separately.

I can only speak in generalizations; if you sent some sample images and screenshots to the TestPlant support address, we could do a more thorough analysis and offer some more concrete suggestions. In these scenarios it’s helpful if you send full resolution screenshots showing the same screen/UI from both devices.