crash when enabling opengl

hi all,

i’m a bit of a mac n00bie (only had it 2 days), so forgive me if i’m asking something stupid.

i’m getting a crash in vine server when trying to enable the OpenGL api. the server itself starts fine, but it crashes as soon as a client tries to connect (after the password authentication). this happens with both the desktop server and the system server. i’ve attached the desktop server log, the system server one seems to go on about kernel access errors.

this is on a mac mini running OSX 10.6.2.


Please post the crash report which should be in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter


this is the crash log.


any help?


It is crashing on me as well. I am running 10.6.2. It crashes as soon as I start it up. Attached is my Crash Report…

I also tried running it on a clean “Guest” account on the same machine. Same thing. Immediate crash.

I am on a new (June) MacPro desktop tower, Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 2.93 Ghz with 8 Gb of Ram.

P.S. I had no problem or issues running 3.0 on my PowerPC G5 with Leopard.

bump? :open_mouth:

Please try Vine Server 3.12 beta (no guarantees)…and let us know if the behavior is any better.


hi thanks,

no joy, still crashes if opengl is enabled.

actually, after trying this beta for a few days it’s actually worse, it crashes more frequently - basically any time i quit the remote viewer and try to reconnect, it crashes.

shall i keep polluting this forum with crash logs or have you guys got enough already? :slight_smile:

When you say “it’s worse” do you mean with openGL or without? If you are getting a new class of crashes (with openGL off) then please post those.

sorry, with the 3.12 beta even with opengl turned off i get sporadic crashes when trying to reconnect after a prior (manual) disconnection. opengl still does not work.

back on 3.11, i’ve just discovered that the ctrl-key doesn’t seem to work…from the keyboard input viewer i can see that it is registered, but as soon as i press another key it turns off the ctrl-modifier, so eg ctrl-8 just becomes 8.

wondering if there’s any update to this (or if more info is required from me)?

We have replicated this problem internally but don’t yet have a fix in place.

great! glad it’s not just me :).

are you referring to the control-key problem, or the opengl one (or both?)

I was referring to the crash specifically. We haven’t seen that weird control-key issue. In fact we are definitely seeing that work. You might try different event handler settings under the Advanced tab.

i’ve tried playing with the event handlers previously, didn’t help.

i’ve just been playing around a bit more, it seems that the keyboard works fine if I pick ‘US’, but if i choose unicode or ‘current keyboard’ then i have these problems with the ctrl key.

any update on the keyboard problem? it seems like the Ctrl key gets ‘stuck’ sometimes, then i have to tap it or hit alt to make it ‘unstick’. it still doesn’t work with button combinations.