Crash on Startup

Whenever I quit eggPlant and later open it without restarting my computer, the application appears to launch correctly until I try to to click on a window. Once I do it will remain unresponsive until I force quit the application and start it a 2nd time. It will launch normal without issues on this 2nd launch. I do not experience this during the first launch after restarting my computer.

Any ideas?


This is the kind of thing that should be submitted to support via email. If you use the “Report Bug…” option under the eggPlant Help menu, you can send us a report that includes crash logs if any exist. Otherwise you can send us the log files manually; assuming you’re running on Windows, they can be found in:


I think what may be happening is either the eggplant.exe process is not actually closing or there are one or more eggplantLicenseServer.exe processes left behind. You should check in the Task Manager after you close the app to see whether that’s the case.

Thanks for the reply.

I would submit through the form in the application but I receive an error: Problem Submitting Request NSURLErrorDomain -1001 when attempting this.

Which log file do I need to attach? There appear to be quite a few in the folder.


The URL error generally indicates that you’re going through a proxy server and the app can’t resolve our server address as a result.

Please zip up all the logs and send them to us.


Attached are the log files.