couple of bugs in viewer

I’m testing Vine viewer against Chicken of the VNC and see the
following problems running against a Linux Xvnc server.

Running xfce4 window manager.

moving an xterm around leaves visual crud on the screen. The edges
of the xterm stay. A ‘refresh screen’ is required.

the font is quite fuzzy but Chicken (running at the same time) is razor

Other than that, it’s nice. Are these known ‘fixed in 1.1’ problems?

We haven’t specifically fixed anything that sounds related to those problems. Although they both sound more like problems related to the server.

I’m particularly curious about the “fuzzy font” one. Are you using the same color depth setting for both Chicken and VINE? Are you using window scaling in Vine?

that was the tip i needed :smiley:

I had scaling turned on, once I set ‘Show Full Size’, both problems
go away.