Could not generate text image

Hi there,

I’m a newbie and I’m trying to use TIG on a XP machine.
I set the platform to be WindowsClassic.
But no matter what style or font size I use, I always get this message:

Error Generating Text Image – Error: ‘Too Large’ while reading Image Info size from Server

Can anyone give me a hint of what am I doing wrong?


No idea what is causing this at this point. What string are you trying to generate an image of?

Is the TIG running and is port 5800 allowed through the firewall?

I am trying to generate text image for Menu items (eg. Open, Close, Copy, etc).
The port is 5900 (on a redstonexp machine) and I think TIG is running (or should I turn on something to make TIG run?)

If the TIG is running then you should see a small green Eggplant icon in the System Tray of the Windows machine. If you don’t see that icon, then locate the TIG on the machine and start it up.

Have you downloaded the TIG executable and started it up on the SUT?

Wow. Thanks. It works after run the TIG executable.

Looks like it’s stupy of me to ask this question… :oops: