Console message, ports

Hello all. I am unable to access my Vine server remotely. In trying to figure out the problem, I see that, despite enabling port forwarding through my router, my ports are not open (pinging my external IP showed nothing). My iMac firewall is set to allow all incoming connections. Also Back to My Mac is on, and Screen Sharing is enabled.

Can someone help me understand this console message?

(org.dnsupdate.daemon[xxxxx]) posix_spawnp(“usr/local/sbin/dnsupdate”,…): No such file or directory
(org.dnsupdate.daemon)[xxxxx]) Exited with exit code: 1
(org.dnsupdate.daemon) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

and so on…

I’m running DynDNS updater, and my router is using Dynamic DNS service (status shows ok)



So a little delated here, but that problem looks like it’s with DNSUpdater (which we also use) but not really anything to do with Vine Server.

If you have Vine Server running then monitor your log, if the log doesn’t show any output then you aren’t getting through your router and or firewall.