Connection to a "VMWare" VNC Server


i am wondering, if eggPlant is able to connect to the included VNC Server of VMWare (eg. VMWare Workstation). You can configure each Virtual Machine so that you can connect via a VNC Viewer directly to this machine.

I tried it myself already, but i was not able to connect to the VNC Server with eggPlant. When using a simple RealVNC Client, the connection was successful, so the server should be configured fine.

Are there any suggestions or know issues/dos/donts when connecting to a VMWare VNC Server?


well, disabling the firwall solves the connection problem ;).
but: the colors are messed up, everything is orange.

VMWare says:

Configuring the VNC Client for Best Performance

There are two VNC client settings you should ensure are specified before you connect to a virtual machine. Make sure the client is set for hextile encoding and make sure the client is set to use all colors. These settings should avert any display issues.

so tried to disable all encodings but hextile, but that did not solved the color problem.

any suggestions?


You should try specifying a different color depth in the VNC connection.