Connection & Screen Update Problems Vine Server/Viewer 2

I have been using OSX VNC 1.71 and it has worked great. I began playing with Vine Server and Viewer and immediately ran into the following problems.

Reverse Connections to Vine Viewer

  1. If I setup a reverse connection in 2.0 using a host name, Vine Viewer never sees the connection. If I setup the same connection in 1.71, Vine Viewer sees the connection perfectly. VineViewer will see the connection from 2.0 if I using the IP address. I see the same problem using Chicken of the VNC as well. Hostname connections from 1.71 to Chicken of the VNC work but do not work from 2.0

  2. No matter how I start the reverse connection (host name or IP address - from either 1.71 or 2.0 ) Vine Viewer does not properly refresh the screen. I can control the screen but it doesn’t redraw until I click the “Scale to Fit” button. It will then show me the updated screen but then won’t redraw (update) the screen until I click the “Show Full Size” button.

If I use Chicken of the VNC with either 1.71 or 2.0 the screen redraws (updates) itself properly.

FYI - I am currently using a trial version of Vine Viewer on an intel mac 10.4.7 connecting to a PowerMacG5 running 10.4.8

Thanks for the report. We can confirm that there can be a problem both with DNS resolved reverse connects and screen updates on reverse connects.

We’re looking at addressing both of those situations as quickly as we can.

These issues should be resolved in Vine Viewer 1.1 and Vine Server 2.1 which are now available.