Connecting to my own desktop

I was wondering if it is possible to automate a script on my own desktop without a vnc connection? For example when I go in capture mode I want to see my own screen… If it’s possible without typing in my own IP address in the connection list, can one of you please describe me the procedure? Thank you!

This question is for an eggplant script, sorry I forgot to mention this on my previous post!

No, it’s not possible. a) EggPlant has to have a VNC connection. That’s the only way that it can see the SUT and thus the only mode it works in. b) You can actually make a VNC connection to yourself, but doing so results in what we call “the hall of mirrors effect”, because you have a window showing your desktop, but part of what’s on your desktop is that window which contains that window which contains that window, ad infinitum. c) The VNC connection controls the mouse on the SUT. If you’re connected to the session that is controlling the mouse, then you have a circular control loop where the mouse you’re trying to control is trying to control you.

For single machine solutions, if you’re on a Mac, you can use fast user switching and run against a second logged in user (see If you’re on Windows, you can run a VM on your local machine and connect to that (see And if you’re on Linux, then a standard VNC server is an X-Windows server and creates a separate user/display session anyway.

Ok Thank you Matt!