Connecting to an already open RDP session

SUT is accessed via a Citrix gateway, which is accessed via a web portal. Unable to connect automatically via connections defined in Connection List. Must launch and log in to gateway manually, then specify which VM we want to connect to. VM then opens on desktop in a Remote Desktop Connection RDP session. Is it possible to point EPF to this already running session and attach to it?

I see some brief mention in documentation that if your SUT is running on ‘non-supported’ virtual platforms (i.e. not VirtualBox or VMWare) that EFP cannot automatically launch itself, that you need to start those VM sessions manually before running EFP, and that EFP can then, somehow, attach to them. This is basically what I’m talking about here. However I find no info on how you go about doing this.

The most common methodology that I have seen for my customers who use Citrix is this:

  1. Establish your SUT as an RDP to a VM. VirtualBox, AWS, VMWare, etc. are all fine if you have the means to establish an RDP connection. I frequently use AWS and VMWare. Note: VM must have a Citrix client on it that can process .ica files.
  2. Create a LaunchCitrix script in ePF. This could be a script that launches a browser and clicks an icon within Citrix Storefront, or if you have the full path, you can drop that into a Windows Run window.

ePF works fine with instances of a VM launching within a VM (e.g. Citrix Workspace within VMWare). The one caveat is that if you follow this path SUT > Citrix Desktop > VM > Citrix Storefront, Citrix tends to get confused and launch your Storefront app within your Citrix Desktop connection. This occurs both inside of and outside of ePF.

Hope this helps,