Connecting from Win XP to the MAC which then connects to SUT

I am currently evaluating Eggplant Purple and have a question about VNC. I would like to be able to connect from a Windows PC to the MAC (running Eggplant Purple) which will then connect to the SUT (Windows XP, 2000, Vista, etc…). Is this possible? Can you recommend VNC software and configuration that can do this?

You can use Real VNC which has a free personal version avaialble online at, grab it and use it to connect to the Eggplant GUI Dev environment. To do so, you will need to run Vine Server on the Eggplant system. You can get Vine Server from our website for free,

After installation and configuration (please see the online manuals or that which come with), then you will be able to connect from the PC to the Mac, run Eggplant and do scripting remote from the Mac/Eggplant system itself. Works fine, is a little challenging at first cause one has to remember they are VNC’ing into a remote system, which running Eggplant is itself VNC’ing to a SUT. Keep this in mind, and the end user (you or others) should do just fine.

This was a common setup at my old shop where the eggplant host was driven from outside systems ( windows and mac alike) in order to maximize the potential of the system setup. Make sure your network is in very good order. We often used Apple remote desktop to give our friends at remote offices a peek into our activities and allowed them to take a turn at the table.

That was helpful, Thanks.

a real fast system with 2gb of ram will keep lag to a minimum