Connect with VNC when two XPs are running under Parallels

This may be a bit exotic. When I run one XP using Parallels on my Intel Macbook I can connect to it with Eggplant to VNC. When I run TWO XPs on the same Macbook I cannot connect to either.

I’ve tried suspending one of the XPs but I have to actually shut it down to be able to connect to the SUT image.

I’m not interested in connecting to both images with Eggplant via VNC… I just want to test on one … the SUT… and surf on the other.


This sounds like a networking problem. A couple of things to check:
[list]What network mode are you using - Bridged or NAT?
Does each VM get it’s own IP address?
I haven’t run multiple Windows VM’sbut I’ve run Windows and Linux and been able to connect to each as needed.