connect to browser

is there a way that i can connect to a browser?

i need to capture images on that browser so i can use it

You can launch a browser (or any application for that matter) in the same way a user does. So on Windows, for example, you could launch a browser in any number of ways:

  1. Navigate the Start menu
  2. Navigate the file system
  3. Use the Run window

On Mac, your options are:

  1. Navigate the file system
    1a. Use the Go menu in the Finder to open the applications folder
  2. Use the Dock (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  3. Use the Spotlight search

Many users opt for the Run Window/Spotlight option because you can invoke it with a keystroke and it’s edit box is already in focus. It’s also very easy to write a handler or sub-script:

to handle LaunchApplication application_name
  typeText WindowsKey, "r"
  typeText application_name, ENTER
end LaunchApplication

Hope this helps!


okay after I launch a browser I need to be able to navigate on that page. How do I use elements on that page?


  1. I need to go to
  2. click sign-in button
  3. click select your television provider
  4. select directv
  5. click Continue button

I had a hard time with this because i didn’t know i needed another machine in order to open a browser.

i connected to another mac and was able to record icons and buttons. i was able to open a browser.