Connect eggplant with android emulator such as LDPlayer?

is there anyway i can get eggplant to connect to an android emulator such as LDPlayer with free vnc? i think vmlite application is not free and i am not sure how to setup the vnc connection as well


Please see Eggplant Manager > Administration > Working with SUTs > Mobile Device SUTs for general information on this topic.

Once you’ve reviewed the information there, please let us know if still have questions.


to be honest i am new to this eggplant thing and i only have eggplant functional installed and cant find anything about eggplant manager in this case


Is this android emulator spun up using the Android Studio? If so you should be able to connect to the device using Android Gateway. Instructions for setting up this tool can be accessed on the Eggplant Documentation Portal. Here is a link to the page regarding Android Gateway setup: Connecting to SUTs with Android Gateway

You should also consider sending your questions to the Eggplant Support team at