config vnc java viewer to view only?

hi folks
first, thanks to redstonesoftware for providing the vncjava applet.

though i have two questions about it:
-is there a way to configure the java applet to view only?
-is there a way for automatically logging in?
so people who click on the url immediately can view the remote desktop without having to log in and without being able to manipulate?

thanks in advance

The viewer doesn’t support a “view only” mode. What would work is to configure your VNC server so that it is “view only”. This can be done in Vine Server by checking “Disable Remote Control Of Keyboard and Mouse” in the Sharing tab.

As far as “automatically” logging in, I think the only way to do that is by not setting a password (and I’m not 100% sure that even that will work).

thanks for the fast reply.

the problem is that i just want a “view only” mode for those via webbrowser.

i am running an art installation and want to give the gallery personal the possibility to check if the screen is running properly. so just a visual check. (the program is run as a screensaver, so any calling of the vnc java applet would stop the screensaver) and at the same time i want to be able to make updates during afterhours.
by the use of a vnc client.

i haven’t run into any other software which provides the checking of the screen.

as far as automatically logging in not to set a password would definitely be an option.

At this time I would just recommend running two servers – one for you set normally (and with a password) and a second one in “display only” for other people.