concurrent running of tests

As we are ramping up the automation scripts we have, I can imagine us running out of time during the night in the future. We use the command line from a server to schedule our tests. Is there a way to run the script concurrently against multiple machines, or is everything sequential? Also could I spawn multiple instances of runscripts without issues? Does anyone know if these are possible, or maybe have some possible work arounds that they are using currently?

They already have this, you have to buy more instances or change your licence type to run things in parallel.

So do you know how this works? It seems this is the version we already have. Do I spawn multiple instances or just use the passing of multiple scripts on the command line?

We don’t have any licences like this but I think that you should be able to spawn instances. I’ll have to let someone who actually knows anything about this reply :wink:

Provided that you have multiple execution licenses you can simply use a shell script to kick them off in parallel.



$CMD /path/to/script1 -host -port $PORT & 

$CMD /path/to/script2 -host -port $PORT 

Thank You both very much. I will try it this week and see how much I can get going at the same time before I bring the OS X server to it’s knees :wink:

May i know which version start supporting the parallel run and which license type will support it?
I’m not sure the version i currently use support the parallel run or not. Can you please give advice? Thanks.