Computer specs for the

Testplant specifies 4 GM RAM in the document below, and I’m working with 8 GB RAM but having numerous issues with the application lagging and hanging. It seems to have gotten worse after recent Windows updates, but none of my other applications were affected. This happens with nothing else running and even after upgrading to the version released today. My new system is using well below half its resources and (in theory) should be fine; however, a colleague using 16GB RAM is having no issues.

For those of you working with Eggplant successfully, how much memory do you have?

For those who have had this issue, how did you resolve it?

Hi Sarah,

We really want to help you work through this issue.

This definitely doesn’t sound like a memory issue, 8GB for a single instance of eggPlant is plenty. We will have a representative from support contact you to investigate your performance and stability issues directly.