Completely new to VNC and it won't work...

I have been trying to get Vine to work for hours now…to no avail.

I have a desktop running 10.3.4 and I am trying to share it with my laptop and other computers. At this point…NOTHING is happening.

Vine Server v2.1

Display Number: 0
Port: 5900
Display Name: Desktop
IP Address:

I am using Chicken of the VNC 2.0b4 on my laptop to attempt to connect.

Display: 0
Profile: Default Profile

View only
Allow other clients to connect
Fullscreen display

are all checked

It returns with an error message of:

Could not connect to server

Operation timed out: connect()

I am completely frustrated. I have tried every possible configuration that I think might have helped. Nothing is working.

I have forwarded the port 5900 on my router, as I understand that I need to do that in order to access the desktop from the internet.

What am I missing here? can someone please help?

If you are running a firewall on your mac, please be sure to open port 5900.
Also, make sure that you have turned AppleRemoteDesktop OFF in System Preferences->Sharing.

That was it. Arrrgh… Thanks for the help!