Complete F5 feature availability for Eggplant evaluation ver


Please let me know if Complete F5 feature is available for eggplant evaluation version or not.


The Evaluation version of Eggplant is a 100% functional copy of the latest shipping version, limited only in that your license will expire after a certain amount of time.

So, yes the Auto-Complete functionality is enabled. There are some resources that F5 doesn’t currently include in it’s lookup tables and we continue to improve how much information is available to it. Currently it should auto-complete:

All Eggplant Command & Functions,
All SenseTalk built-in commands
Scripts within the current Suite
Images within the current Suite
Existing “Names” referenced within the current script (variables, etc.)

It can’t resolve images or scripts found through “start using” or “opensuite commands” or “helper suites” at this time.