Command not to hide remote connection

I’ve a scenario where I need to work on two remote connections – one is for mobile device and another is for Desktop Machine (SUT).

Firstly I need to enable remote connection for Mobile device followed by “Desktop Connection” – I can achieve this with a simple script - Connect ()

When the desktop connection established, mobile device connection was hidden in background.

Once the script finish on Desktop machine, the next script should run on mobile device and this works perfect in background but I don’t want to hide the mobile device connection as I need to check the script execution steps on Mobile Device connection

Is there a way not to hide or wake up remote mobile connection through any command???.

Let me know if my question confuse you.

NOTE: Had a search in Commands and Functions but no luck. Perhaps I might have overlooked, please enlighten me—

So with eggPlant you are only sending instructions to one SUT at at time, this connection is referred to as the Active Connection. If you connect to a second SUT you can switch back to the first SUT with a second Connect command. As long as you don’t Disconnect then eggPlant will maintain the connection so switches are virtually instantaneous.

If you are talking about the visibility of the Window itself then you should check out the Visible: property that can be passed to Connect().